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General  Aviation  of  Inner  Mongolia


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ADDRESS: NO.2 Xitu Road, General Aviation Building, InnerMongolia, China



East Area

East Area


East side specialized in GA culture creativity project on filming and tourism, GA basic service and life support. As well as pilot license training, UVA pilot license training, leisure & entertainment, tourism & resort and theme park.A living area with high-tech industry, convention and exhibition, sightseeing, tourism, leisure and catering.

Leisure sports center

The company will build a sports and leisure center mainly include:

leisure: contact, outdoor, visual, home decoration, fashion, car;

travel: theme festival planning, travel, travel training, fishing

movement: sports, NBA, private doctors, health files and so on.

Shopping resort center

Based on the airport and aviation project, establishment of the northern aviation tourism and leisure base. It includes aircraft sightseeing, glider, paragliding, air experience, hot air balloon sightseeing and catering, entertainment, horse farm, yurts and other facilities. Meet the needs of tourists, meetings, team building and so on.


Aviation park

Aviation water world and big world will be built in the east side of Shiguai industrial park. We will make seaplane-themed aquaplay and aviation-themed play center, including rollercoaster, flumeride, etc. Flight simulator and pilot simulation test are also available.